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January 16, 2019
January 23-24
January 26  
January 29
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February 9  
February 16 
February 21
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March 7
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April 2-4 
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April 13 
Bull Hill Ranch Cattle sale in Gray Court
AgriBiz in Florence
Tokenna Farm Cattle sale in Seneca
SCCA Legislative Reception & Dinner in Columbia
NCBA Convention & Trade Show in New Orleans
Clemson Bull Test Cattle sale in Pendleton
SC Farm Resources Rodeo in Columbia
Black Crest Cattle sale in Sumter
Yon Family Farm Cattle sale in Ridge Spring
SCCA & SCCF Board of Directors meetings in Columbia
Replacement Heifer  Cattle sale in Saluda and Lancaster CCA Fundraiser in Rich Hill
SC Beef Council meeting in Columbia
Union Cattle sale in Chester
23 rd SCCA Annual Meeting at Garrison Arena in Clemson 
SC Angus Association Banquet in Clemson
SC Angus Furtility sale in Clemson
NCBA Legislative Conference in Washington, DC
SC Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Annual Meeting in Columbia
SC Charolais Association Banquet in Williamston
SC Charolais Assoc. Cattle sale in Williamston