at SC Cattlemen's Association Annual Meeting

By: Roy Copelan

During the 2019 SCCA Annual Meeting held in Clemson on March 14-15, 2019; the following SCCA "Awards Of Excellence" were presented for outstanding service in each category. Each received a plaque after their announcement with a brief description of their works.

Cattlemen of the year---awarded to Larry Cantrell of Walhalla.
What initially started as a hobby soon became a passion as Larry began taking courses at Clemson. He focused on breeding a herd that would be registered with the Red Angus Association. He looked at genetics and specific traits in order to selectively breed his herd. Larry diversified in 2014 by purchasing Semmental and Semmental-cross Angus heifers and bull to start a commercial herd. Larry continues to dedicate himself to his love of raising cattle.

Educator of the year---presented to Dr. Matt Burns of Clemson.
Matt leads the Clemson Extension Livestock Forage Team members to produce great programs and information for SC livestock producers. Dr. Burns sees his job as one of support. He provides the resources. Programs and his knowledge to his agents and others across the state. Dr. Burns works with cattle groups and organizations to better their understanding and working relationships in the cattle industry.

Industry Service of the year---awarded to Evelyn Edmunds of York.
Many of SC leaders in agriculture today grew from the leadership of Evelyn Edmunds. Her energy and enthusiasm for farming is contagious. Countless young people have pursed agricultural careers because of her works. She is very active on her farm and gives of herself and time to assist others. She has made Circle E Farm productive and very successful.

Association of the year---presented to Pickens County Cattlemen Association (PCCA).
Their 5 minute video (presented to the Annual Meeting participants) says everything of this great County Cattlemen Association. With over 100 members, the association continues to offer it's membership outstanding educational programs; a yearly directory; a youth membership with educational parts; contacts with legislative leaders and a great sense of community within the members and their purpose. Their meetings are taped and members can obtain DVD's to keep themselves informed. The PCCA always steps forward to be a part of the whole and promote the cattle industry of the state.

Congratulations to all four winners of the SCCA "Awards of Excellence" for 2019 and those others nominated for the awards. Thanks to the Awards Committee Chairman Roscoe Kyle and his committee of Timmy Benton.

Being thinking about next year and the nominations for each award ....
# 1586 Larry Cantrell and wife
# 1602 Dr. Matt Burns and family
# 1590 Evelyn Edmunds and family
# 1594 Pickens County Cattlemen Assoc. members